When Visuals Just Don't Cut It

Here at Dog and Pony Show, we are big fans of anything visual (if you couldn't tell). Design and presentation art and what we live and breathe- and we think they have the power to influence the world. However, there are moments in life where a well-crafted presentation will not guarantee you success. In fact, you might have to take a totally different approach to reach your audience. We believe this situations are far and few between, but just in case you find yourself in this zone, here's how we like to handle it:

1. Slide Doc

This document is one of our favorites to circulate before a meeting; with concise visuals and impactful bullet points, this document packs the punch of presentation slides without the length.

2. Info Page

Similar to a Slide Doc, this tool utilizes short blurbs of info, data, and graphics to bring an audience up to speed on a particular topic. We love these for presentations with a heavy education focus.

3. Campaign

The humble campaign: our favorite non-slide tool to influence any audience. With a series of visuals and informational bits arranged in a simple and time-efficient way, campaigns get the job done.

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