Revamping Presentation Activities

It's no secret that presentation activities have gotten a bad rep. From the universal groan that follows "Now everyone get up out of your seat!", to the seemingly pointless interactions that follow, the benefits of this presentation practice are often lost. Presentation activities allow audience members to engage with your material, create connections with those around them, and enhance overall engagement (and also give you, the presenter, a chance to catch your breath). Here are a few of Dog and Pony Show's favorite ways to utilize the power of presentation activities.

1. Content Trivia

At the end of your presentation, challenge your audience members and see how much of your content they have retained. Whether they compete individually or are broken up into teams, the competitive spirit of trivia will encourage information retention while ending your presentation on a fun note.

2. Act It Out

If you are educating your viewers on a few method or communication technique, giving audience members the chance to engage in these new practices and roles can be helpful. An opportunity to act out a new practice moves information from theoretical ideas to performed actions.

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