Raising Kids to be Confident Presenters

It's no secret that public speaking is a major fear for many adults. For many, this fear starts at childhood, where oral reports and class speeches begin. With practice and presentation tools, these school presentations can build a foundation of confidence and comfort in front of crowds (or at the very least, give kids a life raft in the stormy oceans of public speaking). Here are a few of Dog and Pony Show's favorite tips to share with our kiddos:

1. Memorize your close

Not only will memorizing your closing sentences ensure a solid conclusion, but also provides a fool-proof escape route if things go south. If you find yourself rambling on an arbitrary point, rely on your memorization to close you out.

2. Stand up straight

Public speaking triggers fidgeting for many. Try to focus on standing up straight while presenting, as it will encourage good posture and channel nervous energy away from distracting body movements.

3. Present to a friend

If nerves kick in, find a friend in your class and present to them. Looking at your friend while presenting will make speaking feel more comfortable, thus making you sound more confident.

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