Our Guide to Charismatic Presentations

Anyone can get in front of an audience and share a few bullet points; many politicians, professionals, and other presenters have stood in front of a crowd and shared information. However, what separates these speakers from life-changing presenters is one simple trait: charisma. Charisma is not a simple attribute to describe, as it is a combination of enthusiasm and expertise. This captivating characteristic is incredibly powerful, as it cultivates change, breaks through biases, and can alter an audience’s chain of thought. To help you present effectively for your next audience, here are our top three tips to enhance the charisma in your next presentation.

1. Breathe

The saying “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” applies directly here. If you do not sound or act confidently when sharing your presentation material, your credibility with your audience tanks. Additionally, confidence compels viewers to engage with your presentation material, which builds your overall speaker success. Confidence is contagious; if you make your pitch believable, your audience will believe you too.

2. Be deliberate

If the goal is to build your charisma, improvisation is not your weapon of choice. Unless you are a seasoned stand-up comedian or rap battler, your best work will rarely be spontaneous. When planning your speech, organize your statements in a way that will captivate audience members. Between points, plan a few seconds for your audience members to process what you’ve just said. This will yield better information retention for audience members, and give you a moment to catch your breath.

3. Be yourself

A speaker’s nervous energy can be obvious to audience members; from an increased speech rate to anxious fidgeting, audience members can pick up on these cues. Nervous energy from a presenter not only distracts audience members from their message, but can transfer uneasy vibes to viewers as well. If a speaker presents themselves as confident and relaxed, audience members are more likely to feel that way about both the presenter and the content as well.

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