How to Successfully Use Memorization in Your Presentations

The word "memorization" can often trigger traumatic memories of elementary school songs and collegiate chemistry formulas. However, this tool is incredibly important in the development of a successful presentation. Memorization does not only allow you to feel more comfortable speaking publicly about your material, but enables you to engage actively with your audience, thus boosting overall engagement. Just think of all the energy you can spend being a dynamic speaker instead of reading off your slides! Here are three of Dog and Pony Show's top tips to make memorization your best friend:

1. Write It Out

Putting pen to paper can seem like a tedious practice, but this kinesthetic act boosts information retention more than typing will. Challenge yourself to write out your content in the order you present it to hard-wire this data into your mind.

2. Break It Up

Memorizing an entire 15-minute presentation can seem daunting. However, breaking your content into 1-2 minute segments allows you to divide and conquer. Challenge yourself to memorize a segment every few days, and within two weeks, your presentation is memorized!

3. Record Yourself

Once you feel confident in the flow and content of your presentation, record the audio of your speech. Play this recording for yourself while you drive, workout, cook, and more. As this practice will hardwire your presentation into your brain, ensure that you are listening to the best version of your presentation possible.

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