How To: Present to the Big Leagues

Presenting to senior executives can feel like talking to a specific breed of human beings: ones that have infinite power, no time, and front cortexes that operate at 10x the speed of average human beings. That being said, your run-of-the-mill presentation formats will not cut it with these audience members. Here are a few of Dog and Pony Show's favorite tips and tricks to captivate any C-level crowd:

1. Start with a Summary

Before you move past your first slide, give your audience members a run-down of your presentation flow. Adjusting their expectations for your presentation allows them to absorb your content without worrying about what you've included (or failed to address) on the next slide.

2. Deliver What They Requested

If your leadership requested a specific piece of data or analysis, lead with this information. Once you have updated the team on the status of your project or team's findings, they will be able to listen to your synthesis and comments without having to wait for the punchline.

3. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

This is an opportunity to recruit some knowledgeable (and honest) team members. Practice your presentation in front of a test group and have them analyze both the content and delivery of your speech, from the speed at which you speak to the quality of your summaries.

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