How to Present a Sales Pitch

Whether you're a designer, CEO, or product marketer, we all put on our sales hat from time to time. While sales pitches are not a new type of presentation, we are now able to reflect on which strategies set successful pitches apart. Here are a few of Dog and Pony Show's top tips to pitch an idea, product, or person, to anyone.

1. Tell a Story

To influence behavior, you need to tap into your audience's desires, goals, needs, and wants. Accessing this on a fundamental level includes doing background research on your audience, and connecting their goals with your product's story. Identify your viewer's current roadblocks, and paint your product as tool that allows them to become the hero of their own story.

2. Keep Design in Mind

Anyone who's sat through a presentation in Comic Sans or Papyrus in the past 10 years can attest to the power of visual communication. Utilize your brand's colors and engaging graphics to keep audience member's attention throughout your pitch.

3. Show them Your Plan

As you wrap up your pitch, nip any "... so what?" reactions in the bud and communicate how your product connects to your audience personally. Showcase a potential integration plan or hypothetical design using your product. Make your product's success a tangible and accessible future for viewers.

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