Dog and Pony Show's Top 3 Presentation Commandments

Here at Dog & Pony Show, we are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Commitment to high-end and cutting-edge presentations is what fuels our fire and captures our hearts. However, like any humans, we can sometimes find ourselves lacking focus, directions, and guidance. In those occasions, we look to  our presentation commandments to show us the way. Here are 3 of Dog and Pony Show's presentation commandments that keep us concise, clear, and on brand!

1. Put Yourself in Your Audience's Shoes

Don't make the room listen to a presentation you wouldn't want to sit through. Be mindful of your audience's needs, biases, concerns, and investments as you tailor your content specifically for them.

2. Time is Your Most Valuable Resource

Studies show that presenters have less than a minute to secure the attention of their audience members. Present your content in an engaging, clear, and concise manner to keep your viewers hooked.

3. Make It Look Like Fun

Nothing turns people off a presentation quite like a blank stare and monotone voice- we can't expect our audience to be excited about a topic that a speaker isn't. Remember to smile, flutaute your tone, and engage with your content AND audience.

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