Designing a Presentation that Will Get You Hired on the Spot (or Something Similar)

While an interview or personal pitch might not immediately strike you as a presentation, it is a chance for you to present yourself as a resource to a specific team or role. That being said, there are several presentation tips that can enhance your chances of getting hired; here are a few of Dog and Pony Show's favorites.

1. Research Your Interviewer

It is no secret that gaining insight on your audience before giving a presentation will equip you to better cater to their needs, values, and morals; this is true for interviews as well. Doing some research on the team that will be interviewing you will allow you to better market yourself to their specific needs.

2. The Proof is in the Presentation

Just as data builds credibility in a presentation, showcasing "proof" of your value will increase your chances of a positive outcome. Gather any numbers or data that support the value that you could add to your interviewer.

3. Smile!

Over 90% of communication is nonverbal, and your body language in front of a crowd or in front of one interviewer critical. Being intentional about smiling, having relaxed body language, and making eye contact can seem obvious, but it really is key.

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