Crafting Successful Digital Slides

Here at Dog and Pony Show, we are big fans of the many presentation assets that tech developments have given us. From media additions to slide platforms, presentation design has expanded rapidly over the past decade. However, just because a technology is available does not mean that it is optimal for your specific slides. When crafting your next digital presentation, keep these two tips in mind to successfully navigate the world of tech.

1. Utilize Aesthetics

When crafting a presentation digitally, color schemes can often be lost in the mix. With a plethora of different fonts, images, and visual additions available, formulating a cohesive presentation can be tricky. To keep yourself on track, we suggest printing out your slide deck as you work. This will help you keep the 'big picture' of your presentation in mind as you design.

2. Try Your Hand

While digital assets allow designers uniformity and precision, don't be afraid to add your own presentation details by hand. Whether you mark up your slides live as you present, or beforehand to draw attention to key notes, these personalized details caters to your presentation's specific needs.

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