Clarifying Your Presentation Slides

In our contemporary world of constant distractions and interruptions, presenters face the challenging task of engaging a distracted audience. While we cannot demand that our viewers clear their minds and focus intently on every word of our presentation, we can make it easier on them to follow our presentation purposes. Here are three of Dog and Pony Show's favorite tips and tricks to clarify presentation slides for easier audience engagement:

1. One Set of Numbers Per Slide

If you find yourself responsible for communicating a wide range of numbers, consider breaking them into multiple slides. Data can be very compelling to audience members, but bombarding them with an abundance of numbers can confuse them.

2. Utilize the Power of Colors

Colors do not only catch audience member's eyes, but it can help emphasize key information. For example, highlighting a key term or statistic in a visually appealing color can allow viewers to grasp your point more quickly.

3. Be Picky With Your Visuals

While visuals are key to an engaging presentation, too many can overwhelm and confused audience members. Stick to one visual aid per slide in order to optimize engagement and comprehension.

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