Checking Your Body Language

Imagine yourself sitting at one of the most painful presentations you've had to endure. Let's reflect on what made it so excruciating: was it the message? The information? The tone of voice? Whether you recognize it or not, something was off with the presenters' body language. Whether that be eye contact (or lack thereof) or posture, chances are the presenter was not engaging the audience with how they carried themselves. With body language accounting for over 50% of audience perception during a presentation, it is essential for presenters to ensure that the way their body is talking positively. Here are our top 3 tips to ensure your body talk is not only positive, but that is it selling your presentation.

1. Flash a Smile

When sharing some intense or data-heavy content, it can seem unnatural to present it with a smile. However, your smile signifies comradery and openness, thus allowing your audience members to better receive and trust what you're saying.

2. Eye Contact, Eye Contact, Eye Contact

Talking to the wall with glazed-over eyes will shut down any engagement built with audience members. If you can't will yourself to look directly across your listener's eyes, try focusing on their chairs, clothes, or other optimally-placed inanimate objects.

3. Go with the Flow

Nothing kills connection like obvious stiffness. Open yourself up to your audience by moving naturally, like you would in conversation with a friend.

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