Building Trust with Your Audience Members

Presentations are born out of the desire to inform, influence, and engage; whether you are presenting to potential investors or a classroom of 3rd graders, you are sharing your time and knowledge in hopes to persuading others. The success of your message depends on your credibility; that is, whether your audience trusts you and the information you are sharing. As trust is a critical component of successful communication, here are 3 of Dog and Pony Show's favorite credit-building techniques:

1. Rely on Shared Experiences

Audience members trust those who have been where they've been, done what they've done, and experienced what they have experienced. Highlighting the common ground you share with your audience allows them to view you as 'one of them', with their best interest at heart.

2. Build Credibility

To gain your audience member's trust, communicate who you are and why you are presenting to them. For example, if you are presenting on the product updates of video communication tools, be sure to highlight who you are and why you are qualified to speak on this topic.

3. Highlight Common Goals

Communicating to your audience that you are on their team and are chasing after the same things they are will quickly establish a shared goal built on trust. Revealing that your intentions are in line with theirs breaks down cognitive and emotional barriers that would prevent listeners from engaging with your material.

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