3 Ways to Boost your Energy and Confidence Before a Presentation

It's not secret that public speaking is one of the average Americans' top fears. The vulnerability and attention speakers receive can sound like a death sentence to many, as they prepare for presentations with clammy hands and shaking legs. While we cannot eradicate your fear for you, the Dog and Pony Show Team has compiled 3 of our favorite presentation tips and tricks to silence your fear and boost your confidence:

1. Use Positive Self-Talk

Being your own hype-man is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence before going in front of a crowd. Try stating some positive affirmations about yourself while looking in the mirror, commenting on your knowledge, experience, and readiness. Say these positive statements over yourself until you believe them.

2. Present as a Gift

Reframing your presentation as a gift to your audience, rather than a vulnerable act, can increase your presentation confidence. When preparing for your presentation, acknowledge that you are blessing your audience with your time, thoughts, and voice. This perspective shift allows you to focus less on your performance, and more on the intention of your speech.

3. Memorize Your First Minute

Visualization is a powerful tool- be sure to use it! Before your presentation, picture yourself presenting the first minute of your presentation perfectly. Imagine every aspect going perfectly, from your words to your facial expression. This mental memorization will tap into your body's muscle memory, further building your confidence on stage.

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