3 Impactful Presentation Realities from 2019

It is no secret that the world of presentation design is constantly changing. As we are constantly introduced to updated tools and new platforms of presenting, determining the best practices for your cause can become overwhelming. This is where the power of data comes in handy; the Dog and Pony Show team has consolidated 3 of our most impactful statistics to guide you and your business into the future of presentation development. Read up and see how these 3 realities can inform your brand's best practices.

1. 84.3% of companies said that their presentations were highly visually focused.

As new applications, tools, and services have emerged, an increase in innovative and creative presentations have emerged. This increase in visually-focused presentations has allowed viewers to interact with presentation materials in a fresh and new way.

2. The majority (41.5%) of companies stated they had seen higher engagement rates from visuals such as infographics and original graphics.

Why say it when you can show it? This study found that data is more compelling when showcased visually rather than in traditional sentence form; try to challenge your team to present hard data in a more accessible (and colorful) way.

3. Shorter presentations yield 70% more positive reactions than longer ones.

Concision, simplicity, and clarity are key drivers of information retention. Removing unnecessary slides, points, and verbiage from your presentation gives audience members a more positive experience with your message overall.

*Disclaimer: these statistics are from USA-based companies. This does not reflect the realities of international visual communication communities.

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